What is RFID? And why is it in my credit card?

Contactless credit cards are one type of RFID card

Today most credit cards have an RFID chip in them, and most people don’t know why. RFID, short for Radio Frequency Identification, allows for an RFID chip to exchange information with an RFID reader. The technology is similar to how a barcode works. RFID tags are read wirelessly, but unlike the barcode, the tag does not need to be visible to the reader. All RFID chips can be read wirelessly from several feet. It harnesses the energy from the reader and sends out the information stored on the RFID chip.

There are many uses for RFID technology. Some examples are: keyless entry systems and tracking goods. The latest application for this technology are credit and debit cards, where the credit and debit card details are stored on the RFID chip.

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RFID credit and debit cards are vulnerable to wireless hijacking

Nowadays most banks and card issuers are issuing RFID credit and debit cards (also called contactless cards). These cards allow you to pay without touching the payment terminal. You just hold the card over the terminal and the RFID chip in your contactless card sends the needed information to the payment terminal (which has an RFID reader). It’s very convenient for you, but the downside is that anyone can activate your contactless card and read your card information.

Unfortunately the contactless cards allows for wireless (remote) skimming which is the easiest method to steal card information and commit card fraud. Fraudsters use cheap and relatively simple equipment to wirelessly skim your contactless cards. There are even skimming apps that a criminal can download to a regular cell phone which they can use to steal your card information.

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