Is Your Money Really Protected? – SkimSure Card Vs. RFID Wallets

Say you are walking down the street with your tap to pay credit card(s) tucked away in your wallet. They are out of sight, and you feel pretty confident that you would be able to stop someone if they tried reaching for it. However, though there are about 1,000 wallets and purses stolen every two minutes in the US alone. That is not the only thing you have to be concerned about in this day and age. In fact, you should feel more threatened about the person standing a few feet away from you with a powerful radio scanner. 

If you are thinking about investing in an RFID wallet to protect your cards, then you are certainly heading in the right direction in keeping yourself secured. These wallets have proven to be effective at putting a halt on card skimming, which is excellent. But before you start shopping around for that, you should know that there is an upgraded, more seamless way you can lock up your cards tight. Without having to replace your entire wallet as a result.

The SkimSure Card – Get Locked Up Tight

With over 300,000 satisfied customers, regular inspections, unique patent-pending technology, and adopted by large corporations like Best Buy, the SkimSure Card is the revolutionized, sustainable product to secure your entire existing wallet. It is exceptionally affordable, easy to use, utilizes less material to make. Once you have it in your wallet, you can venture anywhere without having to worry about wireless theft.

Along with the benefits you gain, you can have some peace of mind knowing that you are also supporting a more significant cause when you invest in a SkimSure Card. The team behind this invention works with non-profit organizations to eradicate poverty within communities. They also work diligently to reduce the carbon footprint to better the environment.

Why Not Use A RFID Wallet?

First and foremost, RFID wallets are still a great solution compared to a wallet that will leave your information vulnerable. But it is important to note that not all wallets are created equal. Some are better quality than others. If you try to save some cash going the cheaper route, the chances of that said wallet depreciating faster is very likely. The material is continuously facing the elements, rubbing around in pockets and bags, and being thrown around each day, enabling you to replace it often. On the other hand, going more expensive could get your better quality. But it can also significantly harm the environment, as many companies are not eco-friendly.

Alternatively, the SkimSure Card is neatly hidden away inside a wallet. Meaning it is shielded from the bumps and bruises a wallet takes each day. This inadvertently means it will last much longer, and you will get more value for your initial investment, both personally and societally. You gain that, all while still getting the same maximum-security features. In summary, the choice is up to you. But if you want the most for your money and leave a positive world impact, a SkimSure Card is an ideal route to take.

Bonus: Don’t forget that SkimSure Cards are also designed with the latest innovative technology. It means you are subjected to even more protection than most wallets on the market today.

Conclusion – Don’t Wait Until Something Bad Happens, Protect Yourself Now

If you own a MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or a Discover card, then there is a strong possibility that you have an RFID chip in your wallet. In addition to that, since 2006, all US passports have RDIF chips. Not to mention some driver’s licenses have them as well. Overall, this is all confidential data that you would never want to fall into the wrong hands. And even though many credit card companies take fraud detection seriously. It is impossible for them to stop or take away the reality that someone can still steal your information.

So, do your due diligence and keep yourself safe from wireless criminals. With the effectiveness and convenience of a SkimSure Card, you are taking away the adversities of a wallet swap out. You leverage the updated technology, and optimize your security unlike ever before. In the end, you are either never going to face card skimming, or you will be guarded against it. There is no bad outcome, proving you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by slipping in a SkimSure card. Protect your money with SkimSure.

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